Wednesday, January 8, 2014


24 December 2013 "National Post Day", 1 stamp which includes image of a 1951 stamp making part of the first stamps issue of the Independent Kingdom of Libya.
In our graphics, the story of this stamp: (from top left) 1950 December 16th, Cyrenaica Autonomous Administration, the 200mills stamp was part of a set of 13 stamps to be used in Cyrenaica, the eastern part of Libya (not yet a united independent kingdom at that time). 1951 December 24th, declaration of the united independent Kingdom of Libya, made of three regions: Cyrenaica (east), Tripolitania (west) and Fezzan (south). The 1950 stamps were overprinted LIBYA, for use in Cyrenaica; LIBYA-MAL, for use in Tripolitania; LIBYA-FRANCS, for use in Fezzan. Date of issue for the three sets: 24 December 1951. The new 2013 stamp shows the 200mills stamp overprinted LIBYA-MAL.
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