Sunday, January 5, 2014


Some British stamps issued in the period 1937-1942 were overprinted M.E.F. (Middle East Forces) for use in territories occupied by the British Forces, former Italian colonies in Africa and Aegean islands. Overprinting was made in three different periods and they are known as "Cairo", "Nairobi" and "London" overprinting. Stamps with the third "London" oveprinting were also distributed in Libya: in Tripolitania (period 1.6.1943-30.6.1948) and in Cyrenaica (period 21.6.1943-15.1.1950). They were not distributed in Fezzan which was under the French administration, with their own "Fezzan" and "Fezzan-Ghadames" stamps.
[photo] British Field Marshal Montgomery during the North African Campaign in 1942. More information in:,_1st_Viscount_Montgomery_of_Alamein