Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Afrika Korps, a branch of Wehrmacht Heer, was the German expeditionary force in Africa during the North African Campaign of World War II. It formed upon Adolf Hitler's personal orders on 11 January 1941 and the commander was Erwin Rommel, later known as the Desert Fox (in our graphics). The headquarters was placed in Tripoli, Libya (colony of Italy, allied with Nazi Germany). More information in: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Afrika_Korps
The stamp was issued in March 1943 in Tunis for the use of troops who wished to send postal packets home to Germany; soldiers using these stamps were required to use a 20 pfennig stamp along with it. The stamp was designed by Herr Roleff and printed at a mission press in Tunis. More information in: http://philatelic.wikidot.com/afrika-korps
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Documentary "Hitler's Warriors - Rommel, The Hero"